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To whom it may concern:
On August 4th 2016, Darlene Cramm navigated a competitive real estate market, and expertly secured our dream home. I highly recommend partnering with Darlene as your realtor; she is very knowledgeable in her trade and provides great insights during the entire process. We relied heavily on Darlene, as we were out of state buyers with little knowledge of the Colorado Springs area. It’s complicated and daunting to sell in one state and buy in another, but during the entire process every effort was made to calm our nerves and help us make the best decisions.

The market was extremely competitive during our purchasing time, and Darlene always reacted accordingly to the situation. On more than one occasion, she would travel to the property of interest and use video conferencing to provide virtual tours of homes. All the while helping us conceptualize the layout and if the home would fit out needs. It always felt that Darlene had our best interests at heart, and we were treated with respect and care.

If in the future if I have real estate needs, Darlene will be the first person I call.

Ben Bartholic