Fitness of the Fittest in 2023

Dated: January 17 2023

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When you think of fitness what comes to mind? Proper nutrition, hydration, hitting the gym, cycling, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, yoga, martial arts? Ok, I may date myself here, however, I vividly remember the “Presidential Physical Fitness Award“ which was presented to students who were in the 85th> percentile for physical fitness. I always had a dream of being one of those kids, however it took me until I was 30 before I found a level of fitness that could have ever competed with those kids at school!

With what now seems like a lifelong pursuit for good health and fitness, I’ve come to recognize that fitness goes far beyond the physical self. In fact, to be the fittest, we must take a more holistic approach to include our physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual selves.

Look, what we do as real estate professionals is hard work. Perhaps, not physically hard but hard nonetheless. Evenings, weekends, after hours commitments, market fluctuations, negotiations, coordination, hand holding, marriage and financial counseling…and that’s all on top of our commitments to our kids, spouse, parents, extended family, not to mention our schools, churches and communities. 

Working out is important for quality of life and longevity. However finding a balance to include our mental, emotional and spiritual health is a key ingredient to living our best life. 

What’s your holistic approach to be the fittest of the fit? Find that balance and see how much stronger you become.

Rick Davidson
Cairn Real Estate Holdings, L.L.C.

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