Business Development

Lon Welsh

Founder, Chairman,
(At Your Castle since 2002)

Lon Welsh started Your Castle Real Estate. YCRE has 750+ agents, four offices, and closed 4,400+ transactions in 2020. Most of his time is spent on investment, sales, and technology training. He has authored seven books on productivity and the real estate industry. He also frequently gives speeches and classes about the current state of the real estate market in Denver. Lon has been a landlord for 20 years. He owns a large investment portfolio of single-family rentals, office buildings, and other commercial property. He has developed and sold dozens of new homes. Before founding Your Castle Real Estate in 2004, Lon spent eight years as a strategy consultant with Deloitte, then Arthur Andersen (Accenture). His business undergraduate degree is from the University of Iowa. He has an MBA from Vanderbilt. He has three teenagers. In his free time, he pursues travel, wine, golf, tennis, and skiing.

Jeremy Lambert

Director of Recruiting
(At Your Castle since 2010)

Jeremy has been in the real estate business for eleven years. He leads the business development team. He brings new and seasoned real estate agents to the team. Jeremy should be your go-to contact to start or level up your real estate career!

Christian Diaz

Business Development Associate
(At Your Castle since 2022)

Christian brings on new and seasoned agents to the team. He can answer any questions about the brokerage!

Steven Light

Business Development Caller
(At Your Castle since 2022)

Steven brings on new and seasoned agents to the team. He can answer any questions about the brokerage!

Peyton Coots

Digital Recruiting
(At Your Castle since 2021)

Peyton helps with digital recruiting and assists the ops team with file management and compliance

Managing and Employing Brokers

Eric Romero

Executive Director of Broker Management
(At Your Castle Since 2010)

Eric has had his employing broker’s license since 1990. For 17 years Eric was a top selling salesperson earning many awards and helping over 600 satisfied clients. In 2007 Eric began his career in brokerage management and he has been with Your Castle Real Estate since 2010. As a manager he has overseen tens of thousands of transactions and uses that experience to coach agents to a high level of success. In addition, Eric has created and taught numerous classes including business planning, contracts, and the annual update course. Eric is Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) and is a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM). Eric currently leads a management team of 10 managers and over 700+ licensees.

Loren Bimler

Employing Broker of YCRealty
(At Your Castle Since 2019)

Loren began his role as Employing Broker in mid-2019. He has been a successful agent for over 20 years with experience in rentals and fix and flip properties. In addition to his Managing Broker duties, Loren teaches classes, creates business plans, and assists agents with contract questions.

Faith Tharan

Employing Broker of Your Castle Real Estate
(At Your Castle Since 2020)

Faith has worked with buyers and sellers as a Realtor in the Denver area for nearly 20 years. She joined the Your Castle Managing Broker team in May of 2020. Faith's background is in marketing, property management, construction and design-build. She reviews contracts, provides negotiation tips and guides new and seasoned agents to successful closings!

Shawna Alford

Managing Broker
(At Your Castle Since 2022 in an MB Role)

Shawna is a proud 4th generation Denver native and lifelong resident. Her Real Estate career started with listing foreclosures in 2006. She transitioned into traditional residential real estate around 2008. She has since focused 100% her efforts toward being a trusted advisor. Her business goals are not tied to a dollar amount, but to helping as many people as possible.

Amy Nakos

Employing Broker of YCSummit
(At Your Castle Since 2011)

Amy is a real estate professional with over 16 years of experience and she leads the Summit County team at Your Castle. Her recent projects include co-developing a four-unit residential project and a 20-25 unit development.

Serena Billmayer

Managing Broker
(At Your Castle Since 2010)

Serena has been in the real estate industry since 2002 where she worked in new construction and as an On-site Sales Consultant and a Resale Broker. She is very knowledgeable in IRA transactions as well as seniors’ real estate. She serves as an on-call Managing Broker for Your Castle.

John Barnes

Commercial Managing Broker
(At Your Castle Since 2017)

Through Commercial Banking, Title, and as a Licensed Agent, John has over 25 years of experience in Commercial Real Estate. He can answer any and all commercial real estate questions.

Newt Wyler

Managing Broker - Your Castle - Loveland Office
(At Your Castle/Shorewood Since 2018)

Newt serves as the Employing Broker for Shorewood Northern Colorado. He recruits incoming agents. He meets one on one with agents for support in creating business plans and strategies to reach each individual’s goals. He can assist with contract questions and solutions to transaction issues.


Jeremy Conti

Chief Operating Officer
(At Your Castle Since 2008)

Jeremy oversees the day-to-day operations, manages the staff, and focuses primarily on big picture projects. He helps new and experienced agents get oriented by answering questions about REcolorado, CTMe, Centralized Showing, and DORA, but can also answer non-contract related questions and explain many of the tools Your Castle Real Estate provides.

Taylor Wagner

Agent Services Coordinator
(At Your Castle Since 2021)

Taylor helps the operations team and our managing brokers with assorted projects.

Channing Johnson

Tech and Web Coach
(At Your Castle Since 2015)

Channing is here to help you with all things tech & web: setting up email tools and databases, websites, CRMs (Customer Relations Management) software, social media, calendar and contacts syncing, computer issues and general tech advice. He is available by appointment to help you supercharge your database tools and web presence and achieve an efficient, smooth workflow.

Jamie Bearden

New Era Group's Chief Operating Officer
(At Your Castle Since 2019)

Jamie manages the New Era Group offive in unison with their team lead, John Stegner, Jr.

McKenna Long

File Management Administrator
(At Your Castle Since 2019)

McKenna uploads files and assists the compliance team in requesting documents for CDA approval. She assists incoming and outgoing agents with file assignments. She also performs various administrative tasks and can respond to agent inquiries regarding files.

Nate Blevins

Data Analyst
(At Your Castle Since 2022)

Nate assists the operations team with trends projects and other data research.


Jordan McElwreath

Marketing & Video Coordinator
(At Your Castle Since 2019)

Jordan designs marketing materials for our agents. Whether it’s template-based materials or custom designs, she can help answer all of your agent design questions.

Steve Cohn

Print Coordinator
(At Your Castle Since 2022)

Steve coordinates print requests for agents and for the company.


Hannah James

Operations Manager
(At Your Castle Since 2012)

Hannah manages book keeping for Your Castle. She sends and manages invoices, cuts checks for agents, and can answer all your accounting questions. She will be your best friend since she can answer all your money questions!

Stephanie Retz

Commission Manager
(At Your Castle/Shorewood Since 2009)

Stephanie works in the accounting department. She authorizes payment disbursements on transactions. She is a great resource when it comes to transaction questions!

Kellyn Martin

Agent Billing
(At Your Castle Since 2022)

Kellyn helps with agent billing and bookkeeping, cutting commission checks, and other accounting tasks


Amber Miller

Managing Director, Relocation Services
(At Your Castle/Shorewood since 2010)
Employing Broker of SW Colo. Springs (Since 2022)

Amber Miller began her career in Colorado as a Real Estate Broker in 1999 and initially worked in Residential Real Estate until refocusing her strengths specifically to the realm of Relocation. She has been working exclusively within the Relocation Industry since 2007, originally specializing in Client Relations, Executive Relocations, Group Moves and International Home Sales.

Kristen Whittington

Managing Director, Relocation Services
(At Your Castle since 2008)

Kristen is a licensed employing broker in the state of Colorado, and has held her license in various other states throughout her tenure in real estate.  She is a subject matter expert in relocation and has practiced this line of business for over 17 years. She currently leads the relocation and referral department.

Jasmine Spruill

Relocation Coordinator
(At Your Castle Since 2021)

Jasmine is a corporate relocation specialist and is a point of contact for the Affinity Program.

Jacob Tomaszewski

Relocation Coordinator
(At Your Castle Since 2022)

Jacob helps our relocation department and is an eLeads and eTeam specialist.

Alex Cooper

Relocation Coordinator
(At Your Castle Since 2023)

Alex is a corporate relocation specialist and is the main point of contact for the Affinity Program.

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